Ancient Plague Mask

Face masks like this one were once used during a time of plague and suffering pandemic that spanned centuries. This particular mask however, once worn it is said to possess the wearer. The possessed body can never see sunlight again, else they burn to ashes.

A Rocking Alarm Fob

An alarm fob for a 90s Rockstar’s’ favourite sportscar. This particular Rockstar fought the system and went down in a blaze of glory alongside his famous ride. This is all that left to remember them.

Secret Agent Earbuds

Earbuds used by the mysterious spy organisation known as MI9. These particular buds have the capability of complete noise cancellation, as well as being incredibly stealthy while very fashionable. This is now considered an older model as new, smaller buds are now used for covert operations.

Remote of Riches

Only one photograph exists of this item due to its secrecy. This remote, when pressed, grants the person many riches, yes this is too good to be true. While they do become rich, one random person you have met in your lifetime dies. It took too long until this unfortunate effect was discovered.

Speaker of Hypnosis

While this looks like just an ordinary Bluetooth speaker. Don’t be fooled! As legend states that when switched on, the speaker plays an enchanting tune that can not be turned off and all around become entranced and fall into a deep hypnosis never to awake.

Pharaohs Threads

This sewing needle and thread was found on an archaeological site of an Egyptian Pyramid. Used to create gowns for royalty it is now stored deep underground as when it was discovered, 13 archaeologists mysteriously passed away.

Love Cologne

A new experimental cologne which was commissioned by a prince. A request for a cologne that could make any woman who smells it immediately fall in love was delivered to the top scientists of the world. Normally such a request would be ignored, however, the enormous amount of money being offered is hard to say no to.

Supernatural Sciccors

While these may look like regular scissors, they have a mysterious and supernatural past. Not much is known about them, other than that they can cut through any material found on this earth. When used however they begin to develop a mind of their own and cuts everything in sight.

Owner of the Collection

All of these one of a kind rare items have are now somehow in the possession of a single person. Nothing is known about this mysterious person other than that they must be extremely powerful. Searching for these items would prove too dangerous for most.